BrabantNEXT as common phrase for the new perspective of delivering innovations, a tangible result of the work at the province of Noord-Brabant.

Working as part of the organisation of the province Noord-Brabant, Marcel Broumels, founder of Collective Creation works with a team of passionate innovation experts to deliver a strategic innovation transformation program.

This program focusses on delivering impactfull innovation in the organisation, helps set up innovative cooperations and helps to create an environment where employees and partners of the organisation have the support to show their most innovative behaviour. This program exists of three tracks;

  • Innovation projects that are delivered in all programs of the provincial organisation.
  • An innovation experience track where employees can experience first hand how innovation works while applying it in their day-to-day work.
  • Student driven innovation projects, in which external partners, civil servants and students work together to bring out their best innovation potential.

All of these tracks above deliver innovation projects that are gathered in an online innovation management tool which is shared within the organisation so all employees have easy acces to get updated but are also able to join in specific parts of the innovation proces.

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