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Within innogy, one of Europe’s leading energy providers in Europe,  a new innovation unit was created to stimulate interaction between employees, partners and customers. A new international innovation process was introduced to efficiently manage innovation processes and track results accordingly.


Starting as an internal startup the idealab initiative was set up to bring individuals together to boost the innovation potential of the organisation and stimulate cooperation on an international level. This resulted in a project proposal for the international board who eventually supported the approach.

The innogy idealab initiated its services by setting up ideation campaigns to include company stakeholders in the innovation proces. Simultaniously a digital innovation process was designed to connect innogy’s business units and to support local innovation teams. In total over 11.000 people took part of the initiative in online and offline innovation activities.

Within three years time the business unit received a solid position within the organisation and received direct sponsorship of the innogy board. For innogy’s stakeholders it became the place to go to for new business initiatives and the digital environment got expanded by providing start-up database tools, a trend-explorer and additional mobile innovation tools.

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