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Some organisations focus on politics, however,
successful organisations create room to turn people's best ideas into meaningfull results

Collective Creation® delivers impactful business solutions that drive your innovation journey

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We're living in AN era of innovation

The time for renewed business logic is... NOW

‘Today’s society is seeing a shift in power structures. Companies and larger organisations  have difficulties to keep up with the agility with which individuals work. Yet, it is difficult to leave our traditional business design methods that are less effective in a rapidly changing environment. 

We are in need of new business design to boost intrapreneurship, facilitate creativity, stimulate collaborative innovation and to give room for talent in organisations. It is the only way to meet  customer expectations and stay ahead of growing competition.

This process is not one that management can solve alone, it demands a collective approach of creation.’

We help organisations...


Design new ways of collaboration within organisations as well as the eco-system your organisation is a part of.

Improved supply chain innovation
innovation eco-system design
Corporate-Startup connectivity


Set up of strategic support activities to help senior management actively impact the innovation transformation journey within your organisation.

Innovation transformation programs
Innovation process implementation
Transformation dashboard design


Design new forms of business logic that appeals to people’s imagination and enables your colleagues, customers and other stakeholders to join in on your journey of creation.

Experience based service design
Innovations in HR, FM, IT services
Innovation coaching & mentoring on the job

Inspirational introduction

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A Glimpse into the facts

Recent research amongst business executives shows that 81% of them believes that the startup-ethos is increasingly becoming the example norm for creating an innovation culture within companies of all sizes. 

When asked which topics are most important to focus on in the coming years, business executives answered:

Meaningfull innovation

Optimistic executives

68% of business executives are optimistic about the upcoming 4th industrial revolution


Lack of professionalism

57% of businesses report that the lack of talent and skills is harming their ability to innovate


Financial benefit

77% of business executives report a boost in their financial results due to collaborative innovation.


3000+ ideas

on average it takes 3000+ ideas to get one new product implemented in the market.


Status of the audacious objectives to reach by 2025

of 1.000.000 people have an increased awareness on urgency for innovation & change
of 6 pro-deo projects delivered via the CC foundation
of estimated 250.000 new connections made between strangers in business


Some of the latest projects


Other people about our services

"Marcel has helped me by implementing the idealab innovation approach within our call-centers.

He helped me with the design of the project, getting project approval, implementing the new way of working within the call-center teams and provided aftercare of the project.

I appreciate the way he provided me with his support. He is a creative, innovative and pragmatic individual who was able to advise me in the goals I was aiming to achieve. Without his help we would not have been able to successfully roll-out the idealab approach within our Consumer Operations department."
Richie de Vorst
Customer contact manager, EnergieDirect
“ Marcel is an incredible strategic leader. As part of the IFMA Emerging Leaders Committee, he has taken on the task of leading the entire group through a strategic planning exercise. He has worked relentlessly to keep a close connection with the rest of the team to ensure everyone's participation.

Marcel will be an asset to any organization that is looking to shift the current paradigm and view the world through a lens that uncovers possibility.“
Paul Ratkovic
Director Facilities Flex, JLL United States
If you ever get a chance to work with Marcel, I recommend you take it with both hands. I have worked closely with him at Essent, Above all, I was impressed with Marcels ability to think up the most fantastic and inspiring concepts, and actually make them happen.

Marcel is one of the few people who pursues exceptionally high quality standards in the work he delivers, and is able to combine this with as much fun as there can possibly be had.
Els Verbrugge
Co-Founder and CEO Pax Exchange
Marcel has the unique ability to quickly understad the problem at hand and is able to produce a range of solutions. Then discussing with the team what solution would be fitted to a particular situation. For example how Marcel redesigned our innovation floor to an award winning and perfect location that made many of our innovations be adopted by the business.

Another great example is how he succesfully connected ideas internally and externally with his idealab approach.
Christian van Nispen
Founder Fesla Charge & CCO/Eagle @


Some organisations that work with us

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